To best assist it's clients all along their projects, Yanara Technologies analyses their requirements and give the best attention to details.

Composite component manufacturing:

  • Structural or bodywork parts manufacturing, prototypes to small and intermediate series
  • Structural bounded assemblies: Composite-Composite or Metal-Composite
  • Material:
    • Technical woven and unidirectional: carbon fibers, carbon kevlar prepregs
    • Honeycombs, nomex or aluminium, core materials...

Moulds design and manufacturing

  • Machined Aluminium or LAB moulds
  • Master models
  • Composites moulds


  • Prepreg lay-up
  • Infusion
  • Vaccum contact

Our components are cured in vaccum ovens (up to 2x2x2m).

Depending on customers' requirements, curing reports can be delivered.



Composites Repair

Réparations de pièces en composites Yanara Technologies has skills to repair your composite structural or esthetic parts.

  • Composite structural or esthetic parts repair:
    • Surfacic rebuild
    • Structural bounding
  • Esthetic parts repairs

Our reparation branch is mainly dedicated to motorsports and sports in general.

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