Yanara Technologies has proposed a composite repair service since 2012. Initially dedicated to motorsports, we were mainly repairing GT3 cars bodyworks for various teams. The activity has evolved and we are now proposing composite repair for road cars.

Indeed, numbers of luxury road cars have carbon bodywork and/or châssis such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani or Mc Laren cars. Some of them are already vintage cars, as carbon was introduced as early as end of 1980s. Unfortunatly, replacing carbon parts on these legendary cars is sometimes problematic, and that's why we propose a repair service .



Our repair works are done:

  • In respect of the state of art,
  • Using F1 processes
  • Are of high quality
 What we do:
  • Long fiber composite bodywork repair (glass, carbon, kevlar etc.)
  • Inserts, nomex or honeycomb replaced new
  • Stronlgy dammaged bodyworks surfaces rebuild 
  • Retro-engineering

 Our company is located at approx 25 miles from Lille, 4 hours from London by car, 2 hours from Brussels.

We speak english.

Contact us

Yanara Technologies
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