Composite design

Yanara Technologies specialize in lightweight structures including composite design, Finite Element analyses and composites manufacturing.

With low density and remarkable mechanical properties, Carbon epoxy composites offer a suitable solution when high strength-to-weight ratio and rigidity are required.


Yanara Technologies rely on a long background in cutting edge technologies like Formula One and aeronautic industry.

Yanara Technologies collaborates closely with its clients from inception to completion. We support industrial sectors in their migration from metal to composites, with the aim of achieving indirect costs saving.

Composite manufacturing

Yanara Technologies specializes in high performance composite. We only work on long fiber, mainly using carbon fiber, kevlar, nomex and honeycomb and epoxy resins.

We are working with prepreg and infusion.

Our parts are manufactured in our workshop in Prouvy – Northern France, 2hrs away from London, 1h30 from Brussels.

Composite Repair

Composite repair is an important part of our activity. We are working for motorsports and luxury or vintage cars. We have economic solutions to collect and deliver back your bodywork parts or châssis.


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